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Why I am a Tampa Bay Lightning Fan

By Lightning Hockey Fan

There are many reasons why I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan. I may not be able to express all of my reasons in words, but one look around my closet and my bank account and you know that I am true BOLTS FAN. Hockey in the state of Florida has made some people raise a brow, but not me. From the awesome Lightning Uniforms to the hot Lightning Girls, Tampa Bay Hockey Tickets are worth every cent.

Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys and Uniforms

The Tampa Bay Lightning have some of the best colors and thus uniforms in the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning use black, blue, silver, and white as their official colors. Their home jerseys are black, the road jerseys are white, and the alternate jersey is blue. If you don't own at least one Tampa Bay Lightning jersey, you are not a true fan.

Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey

The Tampa Bay Lightning has several uniforms. The primary uniforms consist of “Tampa Bay" across the top with a lightning bolt on the center of the jersey. They have added two new uniforms in the last several seasons. One of the new jerseys is one with “Tampa Bay” appearing with tall capital initials, and the word "Lightning" no longer appearing on the bottom of the logo.

Tampa Bay Mascot Thunder Bug

The official mascot of the Tampa Bay Lightning is “ThunderBug.” He performs at games and makes appearances in the community. According to the Lightning website, his hobbies include wrestling Florida Panthers, Shark fishing, hunting Ducks, trap shooting Thrashers and Carolina Hog tying. A Thunder Bug high five is a must before the start of every Lightning game. ThunderBug is a huge hit with the kids and with adults, too. I have even seen him on the beach, no kidding.

Tampa Bay Lightning Girls

Part of the Tampa Bay Lightning game day experience includes the mega hot Lightning Girls. The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls are a group of dancers who perform in the stands. They energize the fanbase and keep the fans on their feet. Every Tampa Bay Lightning fan should get out and see what all the hype is about  for themselves, it's worth every penny and I am not just saying that because the Lightning Girls asked me to.

   Tampa Bay Lightning Girls